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WP9 – Capacity building

The key objective of WP9 is to ensure improved understanding and management of complex river-sea systems by developing a programme for achieving interdisciplinary, multi-skilled next generation of young scientists and practitioners. This programme will mobilise and train scientists and practitioners with the scientific knowledge, technical excellence and transferable skills necessary to pursue a successful career in academia, industry, or the policy sector. It seeks to build scientific capacity by promoting and developing the multi- disciplinary approaches required to address the complexities of river-sea systems. The objectives of WP9 are to: i. develop a common language to facilitate communication between all partners involved in the RI; ii. develop the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers for the RI; iii. develop guidance on how to engage stakeholders (industry, private sector, governments) and citizens in the RI including ways to interact/communicate with them.


Conceptual model of river-sea continuum


Key Tasks in WP9:

  • T9.1. Build the ontology reference document
  • T9.2. Develop Human Resources Strategy for Researchers
  • T9.3 Develop scientific training programmes for river-sea systems
  • T9.4 Establish Terms of Reference (ToR) for of an Expert – Practitioner Board (EPB)
  • T9.5 Scoping study on development of innovative research products
  • T9.6 Development of a guidance document for involving stakeholders and citizens

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739562.