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Background Information

Realising the DANUBIUS-RI

A fundamentally new approach to research is needed to advance the goal of better-informed and holistically engaged environmental management of RS systems, particularly at the freshwater-marine interface. This requires world- leading science, comprising research that has immediate societal relevance and impact in facilitating interdisciplinary research in the freshwater and marine sciences. The research must span traditional disciplinary and geographic boundaries and be implemented in a consistent and quality assured framework.

Recognizing these needs, the concept of DANUBIUS-RI was developed, positively evaluated and included on the 2016 Roadmap of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI).

The DANUBIUS-RI Preparatory Phase (DANUBIUS-PP) will develop the structures and processes to ensure that DANUBIUS-RI can deliver an integrated understanding of the functioning of RS systems and address the key societal challenges associated with, and opportunities of, RS systems.

DANUBIUS-PP will bring together the world leading sciences and research programmes, already existing within Europe, to deliver the necessary knowledge, understanding and innovation to address these challenges, including:

(i) Earth observation and the development of in-situ technologies through EC Programmes (including FPs and H2020) and ESA funding, building on EU Copernicus Programme;

(ii) near real-time processing and management of Big Data;

(iii) advanced geo- and biochemical analytical platforms, the latter describing genotypic and phenotypic diversity in increasing detail;

(iv) modelling and simulation capabilities to perform hind-casts, forecasts and ‘what-if’ predictions critical for informing management; and

(v) social and economic tools necessary to transform the data and knowledge into the evidence required to inform governance and decision making and hence solve the problems and challenges of complex river- sea systems.

Whilst also generating business, research and innovation opportunities, DANUBIUS-PP will provide the framework to deliver the necessary step change in the knowledge triangle (Research-Education-Innovation) and provide the solutions to one of the greatest research and policy challenges confronting society in ensuring environmental sustainability in the context of growing human-induced stresses.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739562.