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WP8 – ICT e-Infrastructure and digital data cloud storage

Requirements for delivering the ICT e-infrastructures and digital data storage will be driven by WP8, taking account of the needs of High Performance and Cloud computing, including Adaptive Virtual Research Environments. Fundamental to the future success of DANUBIUS-RI within Europe and globally is developing capacity in crossdisciplinary research to meet the societal challenges and disseminate and communicate the outputs across societal groups, through Europe and globally, to emphasise the world leading capabilities and missions of DANUBIUS-RI.

The primary objective of WP8 is to provide the necessary computing, storage and communication infrastructure and simulation tools for the distributed RI according to the requirements for each component, focusing on the connectivity between the Data Centre, the Hub, the Nodes and Supersites and users. The secondary objective of WP8 is to provide the tools and techniques for the development of all computing elements (research, development, innovation and education oriented), including High Performance and Cloud computing, and application interfaces, such as an adaptive Virtual Research Environment, which will be in synergy with other on-going pan-European Research Infrastructures developments and on-going EC Directives in this regard.

Key Tasks in WP8:

  • T8.1. Reviewing major distributed Research Infrastructure remote access service offers
  • T8.2. Defining DANUBIUS-RI remote access service offer
  • T8.3. Connectivity and communications infrastructure
  • T8.4. Data storage. Semantic interoperability
  • T8.5. High Performance Computing and Cloud tools for Big Data application needs
  • T8.6. Data processing, mining and aggregation
  • T8.7. Software development. Benchmark tools
  • T8.8. Connections with eIRG initiatives
  • T8.9. Development of application interfaces and remote services

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739562.