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WP7 – Data protocols and handling

A quality assurance panel will ensure that data outputs will have maximum benefit for all science, policy and societal groups. The protocols for handling, processing and sharing data will be developed in WP7. This will include technical protocols for handling, formatting, processing data within and beyond the RI, including Copernicus and GEOSS. WP7 will also include non-digital data.

DANUBIUS-RI is a distributed Research Infrastructure with multiple sites, services and users; these are bound together by commonly agreed data storage and processing standards, formats and connectivity arrangements, and fit within the greater context of other major activities such as Copernicus and INSPIRE. The objectives of WP7 are to: i. consult on; ii. define and iii. establish these essential requirements and ultimately, iv. build technical and data-sharing connections with international programmes.

Key Tasks in WP7:

  • T7.1. Non-digital data repositories (Review and definition of the types of non-digital data, guidelines and methodologies for collection and storage)
  • T7.2. Digital data formats and processing (generation, transfer, storage, openness, protocols, standards and INSPIRE Directive)
  • T7.3. Protocols of connectivity between the Data Centre and site storage
  • T7.4. Integration with COPERNICUS and other European and International Programmes

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739562.