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WP4 – Developing the funding model of DANUBIUS-RI

WP4 will develop the sustainable funding model for the RI. This WP will also develop access policies and a long term funding model.

WP4 aims to foster the financial sustainability of DANUBIUS-RI through the following objectives: i. defining an access policy that is a good compromise between scientific excellence, revenue generation and full use of resources under a constraint of sustainability; and ii. identifying long-term funding from all available sources. WP4 will also evaluate the socio-economic impact of DANUBIUS-RI and support DANUBIUS-PP in negotiating with funding agencies.

Key tasks in WP4:

  • T4.1. Reviewing commercial services offered by other Research Infrastructures and analysing demand
  • T4.2. Identify sources of funds relevant for DANUBIUS-RI at local, national and European levels
  • T4.3. Reviewing current European distributed research infrastructure financial sustainability models
  • T4.4. Define and propose suitable DANUBIUS-RI access policies to partners and stakeholders
  • T4.5. Update DANUBIUS-RI implementation and operational budget
  • T4.6. Define and propose suitable DANUBIUS-RI financial models to partners and key stakeholders
  • T4.7. Assist DANUBIUS-PP management in the negotiations with funding agencies by controlling for financial sustainability
  • T4.8. Evaluate the DANUBIUS-RI project socio-economic impact

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739562.