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WP2 – Science and Innovation Agenda

WP2 comprises the project’s ‘think tank’ which will deliver the Science and Innovation Agenda. WP2 will work closely with the stakeholder and user communities to ensure that DANUBIUS-RI is structured to meet the societal and environmental challenges related to RS systems. WP2 will also provide the stimulus for national and European funding to feed into the RI. As a distributed European RI.

WP2 is core to the PP representing the think-tank that develops the scientific rationale for DANUBIUS-RI, and the scientific framework for the design of the RI. WP2 will interact closely with WPs 5 & 6 (Architecture & Commons) and the stakeholder and user community to ensure that the RI is structured appropriately. WP2 will explicitly consider the acknowledged gaps in our understanding (and infrastructure) outlined in the Scientific Plan for the RI that spans the Water Framework Directive (JPI Water) and the Marine Strategy Framework (JPI Oceans). The objectives of WP2 are to: i. update the Science Plan for the RI and (with WP6) confirm the critical scientific parameters for the RI (linking to WP5); ii. determine current (2020) emerging environmental problems (spanning river – sea systems) to ensure that key societal challenges (and associated scientific and policy needs) are addressed by the RI; iii. engage with the wider community to maximise awareness of developments relevant to the RI, interacting with other national and international RIs to ensure complementarity and collaboration; iv. establish mechanisms by which DANUBIUS-RI can take the lead in driving forward the science and innovation agenda in this area within the context of national and European research priorities; and v. deliver a state-of-the-art scientific research and innovation agenda at the conclusion of the PP to inform subsequent RI design and funding mechanisms.

Key Tasks in WP2:

  • T2.1. Update the Scientific Plan for the RI
  • T2.2. Identify emerging environmental, societal and policy challenges
  • T2.3. User engagement
  • T2.4. Establish the methodology and procedures for the periodic updating of the scientific agenda
  • T2.5. Establish the science and innovation agenda

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739562.