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WP10 – Dissemination and communication

This WP will raise awareness of the role of DANUBIUS-RI, a research infrastructure dedicated to river-sea systems, toward a better understanding of their natural functioning and the anthropogenic impacts. WP10 will communicate the functions and services of DANUBIUS-RI with regard to developing and testing technologies for environmental observations, collecting, storing and providing data and developing modelling and management tools The objectives of this WP are to: i. create awareness and establish recognition of DANUBIUS-RI by promoting the future use of the RI by the scientific community as well as by broader stakeholders; ii. make a strong case to regional and national authorities as well as policy-makers on the added value of the pan-European distributed infrastructure on river-sea systems and the need for financial support; iii. promote linkages and connections of DANUBIUS-PP with other initiatives, projects, actions that will help to align the vision and strategy for river sea systems and to encourage the interest and participation in the research infrastructure; iv. establish early engagement with local stakeholders, crucial for the long term sustainability and societal impact of the RI.

Key Tasks in WP10:

  • T10.1. Define detailed dissemination and communication plan, including target communities
  • T10.2. Develop dedicated dissemination and communication materials
  • T10.3. Website
  • T10.4. Reaching towards the global community
  • T10.5. Citizen science and innovative ways to engage society
  • T10.6. Virtual social networks

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739562.