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WP1 – Project Management and Coordination

This WP will ensure that the work programme objectives, milestones and deliverables are met in a timely manner; it will ensure conformance with EC rules and put in place the consortium agreements, appointing specialists to the advisory group to provide international perspective and strategic steer.

The primary objective of WP1 is to set up the decision making structure and bodies that will have oversight of DANUBIUS-PP (technical, organisational and financial) providing proposed deliverables (for the RI) and defined outcomes to the European Commission (EC). Further objectives of the WP are to: i. manage communication flow within the consortium and between the consortium and the EC; ii. handle the overall legal, contractual, financial and administrative issues, and iii. monitor the project to ensure the achievement of high quality results.

WP1 will set up the decision making structure necessary to fulfil the project’s internal timetable: providing prompt and coordinated communication within the consortium and clearly defined levels of responsibility within the project. The decision making structure of this project will be formed by the General Assembly of DANUBIUS-PP, comprising the coordinator of each Partner. The Steering Committee will be composed of all DANUBIUS-PP WP leaders, co-leaders and the project and financial managers. Relations and rights among partners vis a vis the EC will be regulated via a Consortium Agreement detailing all rules of governance (to be based on the DESCA model).

The DANUBIUS-PP General Assembly (GA) will approve the work plan, discussing and changing the consortium (if required) and modifying the budget allocation within partners. The GA will meet at least twice a year.
The DANUBIUS-PP Steering Committee (SC), is in charge of the management of activities and will monitor progress in achieving the project objectives.

The Scientific and Technical Advisory Board (STAB) is an advisory board to the GA, providing advice at the request to the Steering Committee, on scientific and technical matters. It will comprise representatives from European and non-European research institutions and internationally recognised experts.
The Stakeholder Committee (ShC) will represent the main stakeholders is the assembly of DANUBIUS- PP, including main stakeholders. It contains the funding agencies, and also professional associations, and representing companies engaged involved in activities for which river-sea systems are highly relevant.

Key Tasks in WP1:

  • T1.1. Financial management
  • T1.2. Monitoring and Coordination of the Project
  • T1.3. Meetings
  • T1.4. Communication

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739562.