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Modelling Node, ISMAR-CNR, Italy

Modelling is one of the major services provided by DANUBIUS-RI, relying on the inputs from the Nodes and Supersites. Data collected from the Supersites and with the involvement of the Analysis and Observation Nodes will be integrated in models that simulate specific processes, interpolate between available measurements and carry out forecasts and ‘what-if’

predictions. Thus, the numerical modelling tools are essential prerequisites in delivering a well-informed management process, especially in sensitive and complicated areas, such as river-sea systems and transitional environments. River-sea systems are challenging from a modelling point of view, due to their peculiar characteristics in terms of morphology and to the typology of processes occurring, considering the interactions between different hydro-eco- morphological processes on the large (basin) and small (local, coast, rivers, lagoons) scale. The Modelling Node will provide relocatable tools and suitable techniques to be efficiently applied in the different Supersites, integrating the DANUBIUS-RI modelling skills and showing high performance modelling solutions for the investigation of river-sea systems. Moreover, the Node will provide a technological advanced platform for modelling services, in terms of software and shared data. This Node is led by ISMAR-CNR.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739562.