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Technology Transfer Office

The three objectives of the Technology Transfer Office, which will be based at University College Cork (Ireland), will be to: realise the potential of intellectual property generated by DANUBIUS-RI by delivering general use as rapidly as possible, whilst protecting academic and research integrity and generating a financial return to the research infrastructure and inventors; and generating economic growth and employment.


To bring the intellectual property generated by the Project into public use as efficiently and effectively as possible whilst:

(1)protecting academic and research freedom and

(2)providing a financial return to the RI, inventors and innovators and generating economic growth and employment


The primary objective of the TTO will be to increase the number of developments and innovations and ensure these are effectively exploited for the advantage of both individual innovators and DANUBIUS-RI as a whole:

(1) including the development and agreement of an efficient operating strategy with all partners and

(2) stimulating cultural change to encourage an effective and efficient communication of ideas in order to maximise the potential benefits from innovation opportunities


DANUBIUS-PP will build upon existing technology transfer expertise in University College Cork (and other Consortium Partners) and to facilitate this process:

(1)Contacts will be established with European industries to foster the development of collaborative research agreements

(2)Entrepreneurial / Business  stakeholders will be consulted (through WP9) to ensure that any products developed address their policy needs

(3)Measures will be developed to protect (and exploit) DANUBIUS-RI Intellectual Property and to ensure the scientific and technological reputation of DANUBIUS-RI

(4)Support will be given to members of the Consortium to develop potential spinout companies


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739562.